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Press Releases March 21, 2023

TMRW Conference Announces Dates and Location for Its Second Belgrade Edition



TMRW Conference Announces Dates and Location for Its Second Belgrade Edition

PRESS RELEASE. The largest emerging tech event in Europe brings the latest trends in AI, blockchain, metaverse and gaming

After its triumphant debut in Serbia’s capital in 2022 and the awe-inspiring Dubai debut earlier this year, TMRW conference will return to Belgrade from 12th till 14th of May 2023, at Belgrade Štark Arena.

The second Serbian edition of the largest emerging tech event in Europe will present the most up-to-date trends in artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse & gaming. Outstanding speaker lineup will gather the most prominent global and regional tech experts who will be giving lectures and keynotes, participating in panel discussions and fire-side chats. They will be delivering their insights on two impressively designed stages and fireside chat area, surrounded by a mind-blowing event production. In addition to the carefully curated day schedule, the unique TMRW experience will bring networking events, investor lounge, VIP dinners and a party with the global DJ superstar, while the event will be streamed online, too. 

We are thrilled to bring TMRW back to our hometown of Belgrade. We are working hard to continue pushing boundaries, to deliver the best edition so far, with the most attractive topics and the best global and local tech masterminds as speakers. Our mission is to provide a platform for education, innovation, and the creation of opportunities for everyone interested in these fields. Through our events and activities, we aim to foster a community that is passionate about driving positive change in the world through the application of these technologies. I would like to invite all experts, investors and business developers, as well as all enthusiasts who would like to expand their knowledge on Web3, to come and experience TMRW Belgrade at Arena!” said Mladjen Merdovic, Founder and CEO of TMRW conference.

TMRW Belgrade’s debut edition in 2022 welcomed 21,000 visitors from all over the world, while the TMRW Dubai hosted 12,000 visitors and online viewers. Both editions presented the biggest global tech masterminds, such as CRAIG SELLARS, DR. MICHAEL GEBERT, CHRISTOPHER GLEICH, DR. CHRISTINA YAN ZANG, CHRISTOPHER QUET, DUSAN ZICA,  DR. MARWAN AL ZAROUNI, STEPHANIE BRETONNIERE, DAVINCI JEREMIE,  ANNDY LIAN, JENNY ZHENG, BRUNO VER, TANJA BIVIC PLANKAR, VITOMIR JEVREMOVIC and many others. 

Early bird Regular passes are available at €149, VIP passes at €499 while the Online passes cost €49. All tickets can be purchased online via TMRW website

More information on the following links:

TMRW Website

TMRW Instagram

TMRW Telegram 

TMRW Twitter

TMRW YouTube


TMRW Linkedin

TMRW Facebook

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.

Press Releases

The Annual Crypto306 Exhibition To Be Hosted In Dubai On 8th May



The Annual Crypto306 Exhibition To Be Hosted In Dubai On 8th May

Crypto 306 is set to organize its annual event to bring the global crypto community under one roof. This year, the event will be held on the 8 & 9th of May at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Dubai, and will focus on increasing awareness about crypto projects by bringing together traditional & corporate companies to meet with crypto project founders and leading Web3 companies executives to shed light on the emerging crypto world.

Through its events which are organized annually in three different countries, Crypto 306 strives to share ideas and values that will determine the future of cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto 306’s crypto exhibition in 2022 was a huge hit, the event witnessed record-breaking attendees from all over the world. Capitalizing on last year’s event success, the spectrum of knowledge sharing will be wider this year with additional speakers and blue-chip sponsors.

This crypto event will welcome 7000+ attendees, 50+ speakers, and will be backed by 60+ big community project sponsors including Babydoge, Raca, and Lovely Inu Finance.

KuCoin Community Chain is also participating in this year’s exhibition of the crypto event to spread awareness about its company’s functionality and attract more users.

Diamond sponsors like Gotbit, CLS, and top media companies have partnered with Crypto 306 to execute a successful event. 

The event will host leaders/speakers from different countries sharing their hard-earned knowledge and professional experience in the crypto field. This will provide a great opportunity to enhance one’s understanding of cryptocurrencies and how the market works. 

Some of the event highlights will be “company formation in Dubai, the importance of market making, and what is an L2 infrastructure”, etc.

Notable Speakers

  • Alex Andryunin, CEO, of Gotbit Hedge Fund
  • Mahmoud Farouk, CEO, TinyTrader
  • Emre Dumraz, CEO, Solverse Digital
  • Bharat P. Ramnani, CEO, Startbiz Global
  • Andrey Akulenko, Head of Sales, Azbit
  • Nitesh Mishra, Co-founder, ChaiDex
  • Sergo, BD, CLS
  • Rudy Shoushany, CEO, DXTalks
  • Owais Sultan, Security Researcher Inspector, Lovely Swap
  • Tatiana Burmakina, Regional Manager, Lovely Swap

About Crypto 306

Crypto 306 is an event company that organizes crypto-related events. The motive behind hosting crypto events is to provide educational content and networking opportunities to investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts. 

Crypto 306 aims to bring the global crypto market to one platform by collaborating with top crypto field personnel and world media to help enrich the understanding of this volatile market, discover new & innovative ideas, and explore new opportunities. 

For more details

Email: i[email protected] or visit, 

Supporting Link:


Office 704-C, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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Metafest 2023 Set for Return to Switzerland This April



Metafest 2023 Set for Return to Switzerland This April
The blockchain conference, uniquely hosted between the weekends of Caprices Festival, has unveiled its speakers and dates.

Metafest 2023 is a cutting edge conference of creatives held from 12 – 16th April in the blissful Alpine resort of Crans-Montana in Switzerland. This summit is where Art meets Tech and key together topics such as the intersection between NFTs, The Metaverse, AI and Blockchain technology is all discussed, right between the two world renowned weekends of Caprices Electronic Music Festival.

Caprices Festival is an award winning winter music festival that has been running in the Swiss Alps since 2004. It is known for its internationally acclaimed headliners such as Bjork, Portishead, Iggy Pop, Cypress Hill and Nas, and has always been one step ahead in the world of Art and Technology. That now bears out with this innovative new international NFT and Metaverse conference, which is organised in partnership with SwissBorg, the #1 place to buy, sell, and hold crypto.

This year, subjects include Blockchain and Community Management with Cyrus Fazel, Co-Founder of Swissborg and Co-Founder of Metafest, giving a presentation on his general vision of the future of web3. Maxime Léonard, founder of Caprices Festival, will present his vision for the future possibilities offered by Web3 and Artificial Intelligence in the festival world while renowned artist Agoria will present his new show, which integrates cutting-edge technologies that allow the audience to interact live and in a distributed manner on the blockchain. In addition, Agoria will give a keynote speech on his vision for the evolution of the art world through new technological tools.

Founder Massam will present Kapela, an innovative art-tech and web3 project that decentralizes music creation and performance. As part of the presentation, a sneak peek of Kapela’s immersive and decentralized show they have created will be showcased, featuring Massam performing live with Sorä using the project’s software. Philippe Cramer, artist & designer, will present his latest art pieces in connection with Web3 technologies such as NFT or Metaverse and talk about the artistic process behind it. The works of Jean-Jacques Duclaux, also known as Eko33, focus on clear geometrical structures while including non-obvious yet advanced and diversified algorithmic forms. Rishi Patel of Plus8Equity will present Endel, an application that blends music and Artificial Intelligence for meditation and Sarkis, the pianist who sold one of the most expensive music NFTs in 2022, will discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence in his creative processes. 

Metafest 2023 is a cutting edge conference of creatives held from 12 - 16th April in the blissful Alpine resort of Crans-Montana in Switzerland.

Simon de Kinkelin of Pianity will present the latest updates to their NFT music platform and Dominique Perret, a renowned freeride skier who has left an indelible mark on the history of the sport, will discuss the development and features of Wemountain, and how the platform is helping to make mountain sports safer for everyone. Wade Cawood, founder of Paradox1 will discuss unique immersive internet experience where communities, individual users and different organizations collaborate and get rewarded for the positive, on/off chain impact that their actions have upon natural ecosystems and society at large.

This pioneering gathering made a vital debut last year and proved a fantastic meeting place that brought together artists, investors, technologists, crypto companies and the public to immerse themselves into this intriguing new world through a series of events including NFT awards, NFT auctions, conferences, VR experiences and much more. The summit has been designed with both experts and newbies in mind, so will offer a health of knowledge for those with any level of interest in this new industry.

In an exciting collaboration, Caprices Festival is joining forces with Montreux Comedy Club to bring you a night filled with laughter and entertainment at the conclusion of the Metafest conference. To top off the unforgettable experience, a lively afterparty will follow, featuring talented DJs spinning tunes to keep the energy high and the dance floor packed until 4 am. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to unwind and celebrate with a perfect blend of comedy and music!


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TMRW DUBAI 2023 Three-Day Experience



TMRW DUBAI 2023 Three-Day Experience February 8-10

PRESS RELEASE. In 2022, the TMRW conference was one of the first that was held offline after the pandemic. Following the major debut success in Belgrade (Serbia), with 21,000 in-person and online participants from 100 countries, more than 50 speakers, and 250 crypto-related companies, the TMRW conference is ready to conquer the Middle east.

From February 8 – 10, the world’s greatest crypto and NFT minds will gather at Dubai Festival City to consider all aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and find out more about the future of digital currency.

The TMRW Dubai is a three-day experience where attendees will be exposed to the most innovative crypto, NFT, and Metaverse projects and get the chance to network with their mastermind creators. Imagine a place where 6,000 people who work in and around the crypto world come together for three days to learn from 80 keynotes and world-renowned experts about the latest trends and technologies through presentations, workshops, and panels.

When it comes to TMRW speakers, some names have already been announced, but the list will be updated in the upcoming period. According to organizers, speakers are pioneers in the industry, and also the most well-known international names, including Joel Dietz, CEO of MetaMetaverse, Nikita Sachdev, CEO & Founder of Luna PR, Mark van Rijmenam, better known as The Digital Speaker, James Sutcliffe from Pixelynx, Christopher Travers, Founder of Offbeat, and many more to be announced in the following days.

TMRW Dubai will cover the latest in crypto, for example, the impacts of European Crypto-Assets regulation (MiCA) on the global economy. It will also touch on the energy crisis: is PoS exactly what the world needs? NFT in 2023 should be about utility and not (only) collectibility. The conferences will discuss whether the NFT royalties are indeed a thing of the past and mention the benefits for NFT holders. What is the connection between cancel culture and NFTs, are there controversies on the horizon?

We will bluntly speak about healthcare in Metaverse and why the future us needs it. Also, our speakers will demonstrate everything you need to know about next-gen civilization. In one sentence, TMRW Dubai will bring experts in various domains, who will educate attendees on the crypto technology’s potential and impact on our lives and the world as we know it.

Aside from the planned day program which will present the latest world trends in this sphere, the conference will also create an environment for attendees to connect, make business partnerships, discover fresh ideas, and build their networks with potential collaborators and investors through exclusive parties, VIP dinners, and interactive workshops.

Two types of ultra-early bird tickets are currently on sale. Regular tickets for in-person attendees, and virtual – for those who can’t make it to Dubai in February. For more info visit



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