Victoria VR to Release Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro

Victoria VR to Release Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro

Victoria VR introduced its highly-anticipated Web3 Metaverse on the newly released Apple Vision Pro platform on Feb 2. The Victoria VR app, concurrently, is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2024.

VR developer, Victoria VR, is preparing to launch its metaverse application designed for the Apple Vision Pro. The launch coincided with Apple’s highly anticipated entry into the VR market.

Inspired by Feng Shui principles, Victoria VR is developing an app that creates a virtual world. This metaverse application features a Victoria VR island with a map that guides users through its harmonious landscape. To help users find the perfect virtual spots for their plots, the app includes a Ming Kua calculator that ‘blends ancient wisdom’ with modern VR tech.

Additionally, an immersive experience that goes beyond simply exploring is provided by the app. This allows users to unleash their creativity by providing tools to design both interiors and exteriors. Also, the metaverse app blends the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds, making it ideal for education and entertainment. Users can use it as a playground to design spaces that reflect their unique style.

The VR Token

Due to the launch of KuCoin, the VR token has gained a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency world. Moreover, the economy of the app is centered around the VR token. Users are not only motivated to participate with this token, but it also ensures a self-sufficient ecosystem is sustained within the Victoria VR universe.

The VR token allows users to purchase virtual items and earn rewards by staking their tokens. With this, the VR token is crucial to the thriving economy of the metaverse.

Over 80 skilled developers have dedicated endless labor hours to creating this virtual world from their Prague headquarters. The team is preparing to showcase a demo of their close-quarters combat arena on February 9th after a successful alpha release. In April, early access to the metaverse will be made available.

A Jump in VR Token Price

According to the firm, the VR token will reward active users of the Victoria VR metaverse. Also, this token is based on Ethereum, under the blockchain’s ERC-20 standard. Significantly, about half of the revenue generated from in-game asset sales will be redistributed to active metaverse users.

The press release stated that the VR token fueled Victoria VR’s in-app economy, which incentivizes activities that enhance the virtual environment to benefit all participants.

However, the VR token has seen a nearly 60% increase in the last 24 hours as of this writing and has $103 million in market cap, according to CoinMarketCap data. The white paper on the project’s website showed that they want Victoria VR to be accessible to all, so citizens can earn Victoria VR by simply taking part in the world. It will be “pay-to-speed,” not “pay-to-win.” According to the white paper, these ERC20 tokens will be the primary source of revenue generation at the start of the project.

Victoria VR aims to offer a unique and engaging metaverse experience on the Apple Vision Pro headset by combining blockchain technology with virtual reality.

Furthermore, the launch of the Victoria VR metaverse app on Apple Vision Pro may mark a significant advancement in the nexus between blockchain and virtual reality, given how the metaverse continues growing and getting attention.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.