Wilder World Launches On The Epic Games Store

Wilder World Launches On The Epic Games Store

Players will soon be able to explore Wiami, a virtual city where cutting-edge innovation and age-old wisdom coexist.

The Epic Games store is now offering the AAA massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Wilder World. Players can now explore Wiami, “a virtual city where ancient wisdom meets futuristic innovation,” by adding the game to their whitelist. Players can explore the metaverse city, compete in races, and interact with other players, among other things.

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Furthermore, the description of Wilder World states that it is an online role-playing game in which players must fight against FORUM, an authoritarian government, and try to protect Wiami. 

Wilder World, also known as the “GTA of Web3,” has been in development since 2021. 

Unveiling Wilder World

Every object in the world, including furniture, tools, land, and avatars, will be tradable digital assets on the Wilder World market.

Frank Wilder, a co-founder of Wilder World, states:

“We’re honored to be listed on the Epic Games store, setting the pace for next-gen gaming in the metaverse. Our mission is to create a novel experience using cutting-edge technology, offering players a virtual space for gaming, socializing, and earning.”

The first game, a competitive racing game set in the Wiami universe, is presently undergoing alpha testing with a wider release slated for 2024.

In press materials shared with reported, the company stated that Wilder World offers “a next-gen gaming experience,” and that it was created with Epic Games’ photorealistic graphics technology, Unreal Engine, along with in-game AI.

Additionally, Wilder World offers a marketplace where users may engage in the in-game economy by buying, selling, and trading any kind of item, equipment, land, or avatar.

Epic Games Store Listing

The bold vision behind the game is demonstrated by the choice to list Wilder World on the Epic Games Store, which has over 270 million total users and 75 million active users each month. Frank Wilder, co-founder of Wilder World, describes this calculated move as “setting the pace for next-gen gaming in the metaverse.”

Additionally, Epic Games and Wilder World have teamed up because they both want to end the unfair middlemen who have been holding back the video game industry for a very long time and change the status quo.

The fact that Wilder World is compatible with Nvidia’s SuperVerse and GeForce Now demonstrates how widely it can be used. Through these agreements, Wilder World can now connect with players on Web2 and Web3 networks. 

The company’s focus on growth—made possible by partnerships with Polygon and Celestia—demonstrates its dedication to maintaining low prices while still supporting a vast gaming universe. Because of working with Metagravity, virtual worlds can accommodate thousands of people, giving the impression that you are actually in the game.

An immersive experience

To address what they perceive to be the flaws in conventional AAA games like Grand Theft Auto and Cyberpunk, the Wilder World team says that the game will “combine leading game genres into a single immersive experience.”

However, the team’s roadmap states that Wilder World will be a single, all-encompassing game that combines the racing, mining, and first-person shooter genres.

A private blockchain is being used to construct Wilder World. The team is “working with Metagravity to power virtual worlds with thousands of players; as well as working with Polygon and Celestia to build a custom, scalable blockchain to keep its fees low,” according to the press release.

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