Will Metaverse Tokens Pump with Release of Apple’s Headset?

Will Metaverse Tokens Pump with Release of Apple’s Headset?

Anticipation is mounting as Apple gears up for the imminent release of its highly anticipated mixed-reality headset. With this development, experts and industry insiders are busy speculating whether the native tokens of metaverse platforms are poised to experience a significant surge in value.

Prominent bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer recently took to Twitter to express his bullish outlook on metaverse tokens, stating his belief that the headset is a potential game-changer for metaverse. And native tokens in particular. 

In a tweet that caught the attention of the crypto community, Wertheimer stated, “CT (Crypto Twitter) is completely oblivious to the fact that Apple is about to launch a mixed reality headset in 3 weeks. Metaverse shitcoins are going to pump so hard it’s not even funny.”

The bold assertion sparked eager discussion and debate among investors and enthusiasts. Could the release of Apple’s long-awaited VR/AR headset provide a significant boost to the metaverse ecosystem, in light of the tech giant’s brand and vast user base?

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Udi is bullish on metaverse tokens

Metaverse platforms, which create virtual reality spaces where users can engage in various activities and interactions, often feature native tokens as key components of their ecosystems. These tokens enable users to access services, buy virtual goods, and participate in governance and decision-making.

While some remain sceptical, Udi and others view the Apple headset as a potential catalyst for increased interest and investment in metaverse tokens.

This viewpoint is clearly rooted in a belief that the combination of Apple’s product quality, brand recognition, and marketing prowess will introduce a wider audience to the concept of the metaverse and fuel demand for associated tokens.

Needless to say, market dynamics are complex and unpredictable, and the value of cryptocurrencies is subject to various factors beyond a single product launch. That said, it’s easy to see why Udi is so positive.

At the time of writing, the tweet has racked up almost 240,000 views and a slew of comments, many of them from people soliciting Udi’s view on the best metaverse tokens to buy. Not Larva Labs founder Pauli was less charitable, tweeting “Metaverse shitcoins are just inferior memecoins. Duh.”

Another wrote, “Metaverse is just the clubpenguin/ webkinz/ maple story era with extra steps but if it pumps my bags I’m with it.”

Apple headset wins rave early reviews

Udi may be bullish about metaverse tokens but others are talking up the Apple headset itself. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey appears to have been given a sneak preview of the device, tweeting “The Apple headset is so good” on May 14. If the VR pioneer is impressed, the average consumer is bound to be.

Apple has trademarked xrOS, which is believed to be the name for its extended reality operating system. The previous moniker for the software was Reality OS or rOS.

As the countdown to the Apple headset release continues, the metaverse community eagerly awaits the potential impact on the value and adoption of metaverse tokens like SAND, MANA and TLM.

Whether Udi Wertheimer’s prediction comes to fruition or not, the evolving metaverse landscape is sure to be the subject of headlines in the coming weeks as Apple finally enters the fray.

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