Day: March 17, 2022

Tencent supports China’s metaverse

Chinese tech giants are racing to build the metaverse, and technology conglomerate Tencent Holdings Ltd. may be best positioned to take an early lead in the country, analysts say. The metaverse is a virtual environment in which individuals may interact

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Verse Estate unveils its new platform

Verse Estate, the first real estate agency in the Metaverse, has announced the launch of its platform. Verse Estate aims at bridging both the physical and digital worlds by providing hyper-realistic and fully customisable luxury products in the metaverse. Users

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iMining Technologies engages in Decentraland

iMining Technologies has purchased land in the Manhattan District inside the Decentraland Metaverse and has launched its headquarters. iMining Technologies has secured two land parcels in the Decentraland The company has purchased two land plots in the Decentraland metaverse through

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Amazon unveils metaverse game

Amazon launched a 3D online role-paying game today where players move through a virtual city helping people solve real-world technology issues and cloud use cases, with goal of building Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud skills and preparation for the AWS

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