Verse Estate unveils its new platform

Verse Estate, the first real estate agency in the Metaverse, has announced the launch of its platform. Verse Estate aims at bridging both the physical and digital worlds by providing hyper-realistic and fully customisable luxury products in the metaverse.

Users will be able to explore properties bought on Verse Estate through the Oculus Quest 2 VR

The Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets will let users to tour homes purchased on Verse Estate. The program is available for download directly from the Oculus store. Verse Estate has raised the standard in the Metaverse by providing unrivaled customer service. They don’t simply sell NFTs; they accompany consumers every step of the way to ensure that their experience with Verse Estate is as pleasant as possible.

Verse Estate has gathered a team of high quality professionals

The company has put together a team of top-notch individuals with years of expertise and a proven track record to help bring this enterprise to life, blurring the barriers between the real and digital worlds more than ever before. Verse will not only deliver a new type of immersive experience for its users, but it will also give a true utility – a potential passive income source, presenting a genuine investment opportunity. Users may rent out their newly purchased homes to generate monthly money.

Property owners will join an elite community that comprises celebrities and influencers such as Vincent Faudemer, a well-known French artist. Vincent Faudemer has not only acquired land in Verse Estate, but he has also established a limited edition collection of metaverse villas in Los Angeles, complete with a VR game that allows visitors to interact with his art sculptures, in collaboration with Verse. The estates were sold out in less than a minute.

Companies like Verse Estate are creating the future of the metaverse

Companies like Verse Estate are creating the future of the metaverse and pushing innovation in this industry during the Web 3 revolution. Before the year 2035, the Metaverse is predicted to be worth well over $30 trillion. It will fundamentally alter how people work, play, shop, and socialize on a regular basis.

Verse Estate is taking a totally decentralized approach, with users governing the platform and a highly scalable strategy that aspires to provide the public access to extremely exquisite things.

Verse Estate’s capabilities are limitless, allowing users to do nearly anything in the Metaverse, such as attend live concerts, shop, work, start enterprises, and so on.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.