Day: April 5, 2022

EZVR releases new metaverse platform

In the global post-epidemic era, VR virtual space service has entered people’s life as a new form of business communication. Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms and Microsoft Mesh for Microsoft Teams have started providing virtual office services. Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology also

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Coca-Cola introduces new metaverse drink

Coca-Cola announced another new flavor from its Coca-Cola Creations department, apparently inspired by gaming and it’s called “Zero Sugar Byte,” and it has launched first in the metaverse, specifically Fortnite before it appears in physical form in May. Pixel Point,

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NSAV makes a collaboration with UNCHARTED

Net Savings Link, a cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset technology company, today announced a major partnership with UNCHARTED. The Uncharted Token will list on the Company’s Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, the NSAVDEX. The Dark Knight Trilogy, American Hustle, Dirty John, and

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