Day: April 16, 2022

Artyfact is a new GameFi metaverse project

Artyfact is a brand new Unreal Engine 5 metaverse project. Which is well-known for its cutting-edge photorealistic real-time images and other immersive experiences. The GameFi project provides users with a AAA-quality experience that allows them to explore the metamonde, play

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TOKAU releases a new metaverse network

TOKAU’s new metaverse is collaborating with major players in a variety of fields, including music, entertainment, and fashion. Last year, social media took on a whole new meaning, with businesses and consumers alike becoming fascinated by the concept of the

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Emirates joins the metaverse with airline NFTs

The United Arab Emirates national carrier has announced that it will be launching collectible and utility-based NFTs, with the first project already underway.¬†Emirates said on April 14 that it will be deploying NFTs and “exciting Metaverse experiences” for its customers

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