Artyfact is a new GameFi metaverse project

Artyfact is a brand new Unreal Engine 5 metaverse project. Which is well-known for its cutting-edge photorealistic real-time images and other immersive experiences.

The GameFi project provides users with a AAA-quality experience that allows them to explore the metamonde, play numerous play-to-earn games, view, purchase, and trade NFTs, and host events, among other things. These experiences will all be linked to the project’s own economy, which will be interwoven with the native coin ARTY, much like a metaverse.

“Humanity is poised for a new phase of absorption in the digital world – immersion in the metaverse,” says Artyfact CEO Oleg Boystov, perhaps best illustrating the distinction.

The team has obtained support from Eternity, X8 Fund, Blockchain Invest, Capfinex, and Metehead, among others, with this aim in mind.

The Artyfact Metaverse is intended to serve as a user’s digital home inside a broader virtual environment. As a virtual environment, the platform functions with its own economy and regulations, relying on a metacity as an architectural feature. Users who live in it will be able to buy personal space and participate in a variety of fascinating activities, just as they would in the real world, and eventually sell, even partially, their space to other inhabitants.

There will be two areas to the metaverse: urban and gaming. While the urban portion will host NFT exhibitions, virtual meetings, concerts, shopping, and parades, the gaming side will feature dedicated NFT gaming stadiums. Battle royale, racing, and adventure games will all be available.

By focusing on the advertising side of the metaverse using metamond billboards, the Artyfact ecosystem provides various benefits to brands and influencers. For businesses, this means more exposure, and for billboard owners, it means more revenue from advertising. Consumers will be able to form stronger bonds with brands through cooperative gaming, virtual merchandise production, and event sponsorship, among other options.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.