Day: May 8, 2022

Superhero NFT Wars is a new NFT collection

Superhero NFT Wars, the first social and battle metaverse for all living NFT collections, is planned to begin on May 8, 2022. These Superhero NFTs will be required for engaging with all NFT ecosystems and joining the one-for-all SocialFi metaspace.

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B2 displays another metaverse event

The B2 Fighting Series is set to broadcast live from the Metaverse at the Aquarium Casino in the Vegas City district in Decentraland tomorrow night, May 7. B2Digital Incorporated, the premier development league for mixed martial arts, is excited to

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Seoul is developing its metaverse

The city of Seoul, South Korea, is sowing the seeds for a “Metaverse Seoul” metaverse ecosystem that would cover all aspects of municipal government. To improve city services, planning, administration, and support for virtual tourism, the endeavor blends digital twins,

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