Day: June 11, 2022

PixelMax develops a metaverse hospital

PixelMax, a business that provides event technology services, revealed on Wednesday that it has created a custom metaverse for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The company added that the new immersive environment is intended to reassure young patients prior to their

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Unextinct is a meaningfull NFT collection

Since the year 2000, the magnificent Spix’s Macaw has become extinct in the wild due to illegal trade, killing, and the degradation of its natural habitat. On 11 June 2022, after a 22-year breeding program, it will become the first

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Byredo steps into the metaverse

Byredo has declared aspirations to enter the metaverse just days after being acquired by Puig in May. Byredo said in a statement that the fragrance brand is cooperating with RTFKT on “Alphameta,” a program aimed at “creating the aroma of

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Mars4 Metaverse is thriving in Japan

Mars4 is booming thanks to game demos and Japanese KOLs. Mars4 has raised sales in June’s first weeks. Japan is Mars4’s biggest market due to its regional marketing strategy. Mars4 is capturing the Japanese market with Daisuke and Crypto Train.

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