A Metaverse Valentine’s Day with Paris Hilton, Vogue, ZARA and More

Paris Hilton

The Metaverse is one of the hottest marketing angles right now, so it’s hardly surprising to find that corporations and celebrities alike are attempting to exploit the sector this Valentine’s Day.

In the run-up to this day of saintly romance, MetaNews explores love in the metaverse.

Love in Paris Hilton’s Sandbox

As MetaNews previously reported one of the major Valentine-related projects this year is set to come courtesy of Paris Hilton and Sandbox. 

The project, dubbed Parisland, is being touted as a Valentine’s Day event that is part reality show, part metaverse experience. Parisland invites users to a pixelated love island, where contestants will compete to win points and collectibles, find love and perhaps even marriage. 

Sandbox COO Sebastian Borget has been talking up the event which runs from February 13 to March 13.

“Parisland offers a dazzling escape to sunny beaches, lighthearted romance, and genuine emotion as you discover and woo your romantic partner and celebrate with a destination wedding,” he said.

The event is set to wrap with a metaverse ‘wedding’ for the lucky winning couple and DJ set by Hilton herself. 

Club Vogue’s Love Chain

Club Vogue in Singapore is launching a Valentine’s event of its own, beginning on February 15 at 10pm SGT

From Blockchain to Love Chain is billed as, “an immersive campaign that features love-inspired artwork and wearables, panel discussions and a digital fashion competition.” Vogue Singapore promises that the event will incorporate a “medley of activities and games.”

Another major strut of the event will be the the giveaway of two NFTs created by 8sian, a web3 marketing brand that wraps itself in typically worthy marketing speak, including nods to “Asian rerpresentation” and “female empowerment.”

The Love Chain NFTs – “Desire” and “Dream” – will be minted on February 14 at 10pm SGT.

To glean some extra clues about what From Blockchain to Love Chain was all about, MetaNews leaped into their metaverse and almost immediately landed shoulder-deep in a virtual river. 

Not the best of starts, but it certainly brings new meaning to the MetaNews motto, “all that’s immersive.”

A Metaverse Valentine’s Day with Paris Hilton, Vogue, ZARA and More
A truly immersive metaverse experience

After that MetaNews wandered around an empty virtual landscape and an empty virtual house and said hello to absolutely nobody, further demonstrating why metaverse reporters need to show up at the right time for parties.

A Metaverse Valentine’s Day with Paris Hilton, Vogue, ZARA and More
We’ve turned up too early again, haven’t we?

ZARA’s NFT collection 

Fashion chain Zara has launched a Valentine-inspired collection of real-world items and NFTs that includes nine avatars, bags, earrings, cuddly toys, and clothes. Other elements in the collection include body and beauty elements including nail styles, but the highlight of the show is a valentine’s teddy bear repurposed into a handbag. 

According to Zara the theming takes its cues from “the manga universe, baroque paintings, 3D, pixels, and sparkle from the 40s.”

As for the virtual side of things, that will be handled by Zara’s metaverse partner Zepeto.

Virtual dating Onthemoons

Onthemoons is a dating app and in-browser experience that allows single individuals to have their first date in the metaverse.

The product is the brainchild of Graphity co-founder Piyush Aggarwal, who created Onthemoons as a way to help singles feel safe about “meeting” someone through online dating.

“At around October 2022, while chatting with my friends, I realised that none of us single men was really getting to meet someone via dating apps,” Aggarwal told abplive on Monday. “While we would meet women on these apps and chat with them, we realised that they would be hesitant when it came to meeting people physically, primarily for safety reasons.

Aggarwal insists that Onthemoon’s virtual date concept is one small step in the right direction for singletons struggling to secure a real-life physical date.

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