Abu Dhabi Announces Esports Island

Abu Dhabi Announces Esports Island

The world’s first eSports Island, an entire island dedicated to gaming, is scheduled to take place on the Emirates island of Abu Dhabi.

Plans to build the first eSports island in history have been revealed by True Gamers for Abu Dhabi. The island will feature a five-star hotel with an original concept, state-of-the-art gaming venues, expert training facilities, content creation areas, and more.

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The eSports Island represents a significant advancement in the sector by creating an environment that encourages creativity, rivalry, and mutual support. The goal is to inspire gamers to follow their passions and maintain the eSports flame for upcoming generations.

A dynamic ecosystem is being created on the new, upcoming island by True Gamers, the largest international network of eSports clubs, to serve the ever-expanding eSports community.

True Gamers’ Execs speak

With boot camps providing aspiring gamers with important insights into the professional scene, the project would provide gaming enthusiasts with a unique experience.

In a nod to popular battle royale games like Fortnite and playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, where players drop into the play zone, one attraction would involve guests arriving by parachute.

According to True Gamers, talks to secure funding are occurring with revealed high-profile investors. The investment will cover everything from “curating exclusive adventures” to buying a private island.

The CEO and co-founder of True Gamers, Anton Vasilenko, said that True Gamers conducted a comprehensive market analysis of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region’s eSports landscape and the global eSports industry’s growth trajectory before eSports Island development. According to Anton, this in-depth analysis gives them the confidence that the proposed business model will be instrumental in bringing eSports Island to life.”

According to Vlad Belyanin, CPO and co-founder of True Gamers, their top priority is fostering a thriving eSports culture. He added that they constantly seek innovative trends and opportunities to elevate the gaming experience for everyone; from casual players to professional athletes. They are grateful to the participating teams for their invaluable insights.

Also, he believes eSports Island will be a groundbreaking achievement in the entertainment industry, offering guests the perfect blend of relaxation and exceptional competitive gaming.

The esports island

In addition, a classy hotel with 200 rooms that feature top-of-the-line PCs for an unparalleled gaming experience will be located on eSports Island. It will also have recreational amenities for gamers to unwind on, like a spa, pool, and immaculate beach.

Additionally, the Digital Tower will house a bustling hub that provides studios for animation development, contemporary workspaces, and more. The TG Arena will hold major conferences, one-of-a-kind digital exhibitions, and international eSports competitions.

The arena will be flexible enough to accommodate various competition formats and game and digital genres. It will have a console zone, a car simulator section with multiple platforms, a computer club with powerful PCs, and a fully functional streaming area.

Since its founding in 2019, True Gamer has expanded to 124 esports venues throughout Eastern Europe and the United Arab Emirates. True Gamers has agreed to invest more than 45 million USD to open 150 clubs in Saudi Arabia.

Although a completion date has not been specified, discussions are in progress to obtain support from well-known investors, with a ten-year estimated return on investment for the project.

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