AI Hospitality in the Skies as Qatar Airways Debuts Digital Cabin Crew

AI Hospitality in the Skies as Qatar Airways Debuts Digital Cabin Crew

Qatar Airways has introduced an AI cabin crew known as Sama 2.0 to enhance customer experience on its flights across its global destinations. The announcement comes alongside its increased flight frequencies to 15 global destinations in the next year.

The airline announced Sama 2.0 with a holographic display at their stand at the ITB Berlin 2024, a premier global travel and tourism event. Sama 2.0 AI cabin crew interacts with passengers for curated experiences in the airline’s platform, QVerse.

AI buzz spread across sectors

OpenAI’s ChatGPT success in the past year ignited interest in AI and various sectors are also taping into the technology to optimize operations. In the media industry for instance, some publications have introduced AI news anchors in their newsrooms.

Qatar Airways’ latest innovation in the form of Sama 2.0 is reflective of the airline’s broader tech roadmap as it seeks to “redefine customer journey by solving friction points for passengers,” according to The Drum.

Qatar Airways announced its digital cabin crew with a holographic display during the ITB Berlin 2024 at its new stand.

Qatar Airways Group CEO, Engineer Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, said the initiative is to enhance digital experiences and step towards “merging technology with human connection.”

“Innovation is a vital cornerstone of our mission, and with the new and improved Sama, we are taking another defining step toward enhancing our digital experience,” said the airline boss.

The digitally high-fidelity 3D human model responds to customer queries in real time. With Sama’s launch, the airline could be redefining the future of travel experiences.

More about Sama

Sama, which means “Sky” in Arabic became a major highlight at the Qatar Airways stand at the Berlin event with visitors engaging her.

According to The Drum, Sama was built by MetaHuman Creator and introduced in 2022 as the “the world’s first metahuman cabin crew, signaling a first for the airline industry.”

Sama has gone through a makeover as it evolved to become a conversational AI model that can easily interact with customers in real time with up to date information.

Initially, Sama was meant to walk and converse with customers through Qatar Airways’ QVerse platform, its immersive, interactive virtual customer experience platform.

This allowed them to learn more about the aircraft interior as well as its services.

Sama is equipped with information that covers topics like baggage allowance, what to do during a layover, and check-in among other subjects. This enables her to answer to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from customers therefore also reducing the number of steps that customers may take to access this information.

According to the airline, this initiative is to allow customers to find answers to their queries within the shortest possible time.

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Redefining what the future of travel experience could be

Sama currently communicates in English although more languages are expected in future. Qatar Airways has integrated with OpenAI for this project and has been taking steps to ensure Sama is trained extensively to provide accurate information to travelers.

The airline sees this as a way to ensure travelers get 100% correct and trustworthy information “with no room for mistakes.”

According to The Drum, the new and improved version of Sama is a significant step in the airline industry, critical in ensuring travelers get the most up-to-date information to properly plan their journeys.

“Qatar Airways remains at the forefront of innovation. The evolution of Sama embodies the airline’s values of exceptional service and hospitality, which enhances customers’ digital experience,” said Qatar Airways’ vice-president of marketing Babar Rahman.

“This industry-leading revolution of pour virtual cabin crew highlights the importance of connecting with our passengers through authentic, approachable, and realistic interactions.”



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