Qatar Airways is stepping into the metaverse

With digital technology playing an increasingly important role in all walks of life, Qatar Airways has tapped into this zeitgeist by entering the metaverse. The carrier has launched its own virtual reality experience, which users can access via its website. One of the most striking aspects is the presence of virtual cabin crew.

Qatar Airways is known for adding the letter Q to the beginning of a word to indicate that it is exclusive to the airline. Its QSuites, for example, are regarded as one of the most prestigious business class items in the skies. It has, predictably, used a similar strategy here, naming its online realm the QVerse.

Qatar Airways used the metaverse to allow passengers to take a look inside its aircraft from the comfort of their homes

Qatar Airways has taken advantage of metaverse technology, which is described by being made up of a network of virtual worlds, to allow passengers to view inside its planes from the comfort of their own homes. The experience, however, is more than just a demonstration of cabins, and it begins with a virtual VIP check-in area. CEO Akbar Al Baker said about the new virtual experience:

“As the metaverse begins to test physical borders on a greater scale, it’s exciting to embrace a technology that allows all travelers to enjoy a unique immersive experience of our award-winning products and services.”

The inclusion of Qatar Airways’ very own virtual ‘MetaHuman’ cabin staff distinguishes the QVerse from other virtual settings. This online attendant, whose name means’sky’ in Arabic, takes passengers from the check-in area to the plane and shows them around the luxury interiors.

Qatar Airways is the first airline to have devised such a character to promote its virtual world

Qatar Airways claimed that it is the first airline to create such a character in a statement made today to promote its virtual world. Sama walks users through the various distinctive aspects of Qatar Airways’ several classes of travel while onboard. Al Baker expands on this by saying:

“The fact that we were the first airline to launch a MetaHuman cabin crew speaks volumes about our unwavering desire to innovate and please our passengers. We are continually looking forward to adopting and introducing new technology that will improve the overall experience of our guests.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.