Cryptogende redraws its game platform

(Cryptogende avoids Web3 fenzy to redefine triple-A digital landscape)Thousands of new companies are forming every day in an attempt to ride out this worldwide wave with their own product releases, making Web3 initiatives the talk of the contemporary digital landscape. Leading this round of projects is Cryptogende Verse, a startup in the metaverse gaming market that is relying on the triple-A concept to drive the project’s value ahead of its basis on the blockchain.

The game relies on blockchain technology

The game, which aims to be a global multiplayer adventure, uses blockchain technology to enable the natural extension of online video games, combining the concepts of global player bases and unlimited streams of online content.

As a result, even if the bubble breaks, the project will have a high-quality MMO offering, which, based on historical evidence, will continue to drive growing player ownership. Consider that in any popular online experience, there will always be a large number of players prepared to pay top dollar for the most exclusive in-game items.

Cryptogende Verse exists as a first and third-person online shooting game

In terms of the game itself, Cryptogende Verse is a first-person and third-person online shooting game with a classic and multiplayer mode that players can access in three phases. The first is a well-polished triple-A online game including deathmatch and a competitive 5v5 mode. The second stage isn’t far behind, and it’ll introduce players to a Battle Royale mode, co-op experiences, as well as survival and challenge modes. These releases will lead to a final stage that will provide a full metaverse experience.

Cryptagende uses various industry-changing tools, including Unreal Engine 5, which is based on Nanite technology, Quixel Megascan real-time scanning capabilities, and Lumen’s dynamic lighting system. These elements, when combined, allow projects to provide gamers with an exceptional level of realism, fidelity, and performance.

These next-generation aesthetics, on the other hand, are just the finishing touch on the model. Cryptagende is built on a complex virtual world that includes multiple online modes, weapons, characters, quests, and vehicles.

The resulting community will then receive any additional value, as indicated by project consistency and commitment to the events themselves. The goal is for the community to grow into a family atmosphere, eventually becoming a comfortable haven to get away from the stresses of everyday life.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.