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Alasad is designing virtual buildings in the metaverse

Saudi architect Sattom Alasad has expanded from designing physical buildings to virtual ones. Digital places like Alasad’s, collectively known as a metaverse, allow people online to interact with the environment and each other in an immersive manner. Moreover the technology world is eyeing them as the next big thing.

“A lot of huge companies are investing millions of dollars to acquire digital land. So it’s only logical that digital real estate will rise in value and be in demand,” said Alasad, a digital artist and architect. “As an architect, I’m attempting to contribute actively in the development and design of that digital environment for us.”

Because of the increased number of individuals working and engaging remotely during the epidemic, metaverse development has been accelerated.



Alasad wanted to use the online spaces to provide a tranquil, otherworldly escape

Alasad wanted to harness the internet places that have become so pervasive in people’s life to give a peaceful, otherworldly haven.

“I took this as a chance to start building my ideal world,” she told Arab News. “A lot of what was going on in the world was like it was bearing down on us.”

“I’m currently working on translating my designs into NFTs so that the owner may choose whether to host the spaces in the metaverse or the digital realm. Where they can be fully and immersively experienced through virtual reality.”

These digital spaces are also a way for Alasad to express her Saudi heritage

Alasad uses these digital places to express and explore her Saudi background by using recognizable design elements from her home.

The initiative she was most passionate about was a cooperation with Ya Habibi Market. A charitable collective of MENA region artisans.

“Creating and sharing art is a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with other artists in LA. Whether they’re from Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the Arab world.”

“I found it more empowering to try to connect with and understand my culture despite being away from it in some respects.”

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.