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Metaverse Investing: Tokens or Stocks?

The metaverse is currently a hot topic, and with good reason. It is expected to grow by up to 48% per year until 2029, making it a highly lucrative sector to invest in. As a result, businesses in social networking,

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TMRW is a new European metaverse event

The conference intends to bring together the world’s most influential blockchain companies and professionals to demonstrate the disruptive blockchain technology’s cross-sector potential. More than 2,500 attendees will learn about upcoming blockchain and cryptocurrency trends and advances firsthand from renowned worldwide

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Barcelona is about to release its NFT collection

Football Club Barcelona president has stated that the club is creating its own “metaverse” to assist them “survive financially”. Barcelona president Joan Laporta announced the club’s plans to establish their own cryptocurrency and issue a range of NFTs. Since Laporta’s

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CryptoWorldCon will take place in April, in Miami

CryptoWorldCon, the largest conference on blockchain, crypto-currencies, NFT, and metaverse, is to take place in Miami. The speakers at CryptoWorldCon have been carefully chosen to offer a diverse discussion panel. Which will give the entire event a highly engaging experience

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Metabix is an upcoming metaverse project by BIXB

With its “Metabix” project, BixBCoin recently revealed aspirations to enter the metaverse. This will be BixBCoin’s first step into the metaverse, which has subsequently attracted a lot of attention and investment from traditional sources like Samsung and Nike. The ixBcoin

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Plein Sport steps in the metaverse

According to Philipp Plein, the revamped Plein Sport line will become the first fashion line that is “metaverse-native”. MetaNews. Guests couldn’t have expected that a humanoid robot called Romeo 1.0 would be the star of the night Guests to the

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