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MContent partners with PwC for a new metaverse project

MContent has announced the arrival of the Cineverse to the world whereby they aspire to bring Cinema to people anywhere, anytime. MContent and their launch was enabled due to a collaboration with PwC Middle East emerging technology teams.

The company MContent debuted their unique co-productions “Ripple vs. SEC Saga” and “El Salvador vs. Distinguished guests attended a high-end launch event at Palm Jumeirah Dubai for “World Bank”. In contrast, at the Cinema premiere, attendees sat on the beach, wearing VR headsets, while watching the film while immersed in a virtual world.



Gargash Group, had announced a major investment in MContent

Gargash Group, a significant UAE conglomerate, announced a large investment in MContent. The world’s first tokenised content ecosystem, in January 2022, with the goal of revolutionizing the worldwide content landscape.

The first-of-its-kind platform, designed to turn content users into content owners, allows crowd funding of film production. And capital-intensive content producers utilizing Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the Cineverse. Additionally, the platform has already sponsored 11 well-known film projects across four continents. Moreover, it now wants to use the parallel Cineverse economy to speed up the decentralised financial deployment in content production.

The immersive cinema experience has global scalability & mass adoption capability

“The immersive cinema experience – created in conjunction with PwC and exhibited to our guests today has global scalability. Moreover, mass adoption capabilities,” Umair Masoom, Founder & CEO of MContent, stated at the event. MContent hopes to enhance financing and screening chances for thousands of independent filmmakers across the world by bringing the Cineverse to a worldwide audience. MContent is developing the first-of-its-kind, fully monetised content consumption platform as part of the decentralised ecosystem, with the goal of driving sustainable profits for content creators and watchers. I’d like to express my gratitude to our Dutch Co-Production Partners “Insight TV” and “Villain Studios”. As well as our technical support teams from “PwC Middle East” and “PwC UK”. As well as our investors “Gargash Group” and “Daman Investments,” for their contributions in bringing the Cineverse to life today.”

In addition, GCC business community members, celebrities, film makers, influencers, NFT artists, movers & shakers, blockchain enthusiasts, and some senior members of the Gargash Group all attended the premier event, where they were the first to experience the MContent Cineverse in virtual reality at the beach with two distinct original productions.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.