CryptoWorldCon will take place in April, in Miami

CryptoWorldCon, the largest conference on blockchain, crypto-currencies, NFT, and metaverse, is to take place in Miami. The speakers at CryptoWorldCon have been carefully chosen to offer a diverse discussion panel. Which will give the entire event a highly engaging experience with a range of value-added mentoring for participants.



CryptoWorldCon (CWC), a blockchain and crypto-currency technology conference focused on cutting-edge blockchain market patterns and trends, will kick off Miami BitCoin Month on April 1-2, 2022, at the James L. Knight Center, one of Miami’s largest and most known venues. This event brings together high-profile personalities, corporations, investors, and organizations to make Miami the epicenter of the blockchain and crypto-currency ecosystem, which will have an international influence.

Industry experts, influencers, and innovators will give individual presentations or appear on a panel at CryptoWorldCon.

According to Pedro Pascal, Moonwalker and CryptoWorldCon’s public relations director, the event is not only a networking and commercial opportunity. It also serves a vital social function. The primary purpose is to educate and teach people about new technologies so that they integrate them into their daily lives. Indeed, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the present and future, as we all know.”

“Panel discussions, speaker sessions, workshops, a developer job fair, a competition for startups will constitute the most innovative early-stage project and events”. “It is to help attendees learn more about cloud and enterprise computing and the influence of blockchain in government operations. In addition, the adoption of crypto-currency by the world’s major financial institutions will all be part of the event”.

On April 2, the event will come to a close with an exclusive dinner on the Sea Fair Yacht. Which will include an exclusive awards ceremony honoring the selected startup as the most innovative project to explore. As well as for the collaborations formed during the event.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.