GatherVerse hosted Bye’s Voice of VR talk on the metaverse

The GatherVerse Summit, which took place from February 22 to 25, featured a complete list of presentations from extended reality (ER) industry leaders, executives, researchers, and global specialists. Together, they were in an attempt to envisage the development of the next iteration of the Internet.

Kent Bye, host of the Voices of VR podcast, gave the audience a very extensive and meticulous overview of the Metaverse’s growth. He cited, moreover, a number of insightful sources and study.

Since the beginning in 2014, Bye’s work with Voices of VR has covered over 1,500 virtual reality professionals and pioneers. Thus documenting the progress of consumer VR.



The unrestricted metaverse.

Bye began his summit address by defining the Open Metaverse and the important individuals involved in its creation. According to him, the open Metaverse would become a “real-time 3D (RT3D) social media where users may create and partake in shared experiences as equal participants in a social impact economy,” citing Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

According to Bye’s presentation, an open Metaverse would require a “massively scaled and interoperable network of RT3D virtual worlds”. With a “synchronous and persistent” experience, but with an endless number of people with individual presence.

“Identity, history, rights, objects, communications, and payments” would all be possible with the platform, according to Bye.

Bye also mentioned Lawrence Lessig, an American lawyer and political activist who developed his points theory in 1998. He explained how activity in the Metaverse would be governed by a framework of cultural norms, laws, market dynamics. As well as underlying technological coding architecture. All of which would be resulting in enhanced user experience.

He then went on and stated how GatherVerse’s Christopher Lafayette concentrated on the Metaverse’s ethical components and Unity Technology’s Tony Parisi designed the Seven Rules of the Metaverse. With both specialists “striving to create an inclusive, interoperable, and decentralized platform”.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.