Meta disbanded its team working on a new AR/VR operating system

Meta has dismantled a 300-member team working on a new operating system for AR and VR devices, according to media reports. The company has already lost $240 billion in value, with its stock dropping more than 26% on Thursday.

The company, according to rumors, has split the team out to focus on different projects. Some of them, for example, would function with XROS and others with AR glasses. There are also allegations that Meta has abandoned its augmented reality and virtual reality operating system in favor of the Android-based VROS platform.



Meta’s mission has been to draw the globe into the metaverse since its creation. It has produced virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, sometimes known as AR and VR headsets, to realize this promise. However, Meta has been on the decline so far; The breakup of the 300-person team working on the AR and VR operating system highlighted it further.

According to foreign media, this work has come to a conclusion, as Meta will deploy this team of professionals to other project areas.

Meta will divide the team into factions to focus on various projects. Some will be compatible with AR glasses and Quest VR headsets. Other OS engineers, on the other hand, would devote their efforts on developing XR technology. However, where the XROS team will end up is still veiled in a dense fog, according to the article.

Furthermore, Meta did not definitively confirm or refute the suspension of the team on the new operating system for AR and VR devices. However, a Meta representative named Sheeva Slovan shared some positive news in reaction to the recent social media uproar. Meta would divide the operating system engineers into AR and VR teams, she said. She also earned Meta’s respect and remains committed to developing “extremely specialized systems.”

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.