Barcelona is about to release its NFT collection

Football Club Barcelona president has stated that the club is creating its own “metaverse” to assist them “survive financially”. Barcelona president Joan Laporta announced the club’s plans to establish their own cryptocurrency and issue a range of NFTs.

Since Laporta’s re-election in March 2021, a number of cryptocurrency firms have approached Barca about forming a collaboration.

The Camp Nou president claims that they have rejected those approaches in favor of building their own digital currency in-house. Moreover, he emphasizes the need of being “imaginative” in order to create additional cash outside of sport.



Laporta outlined his vision at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week

The club is currently taking measures to establish a metaverse packed with digital assets exclusive to the Blaugrana brand, as Laporta presented his vision at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

The 59 year old explained that they are building their own metaverse and turned down the chance to work with bitcoin enterprises.

“We want to make our own cryptocurrency, and we’ll have to do it on our own”. Moreover, we are unique in that we rely on the revenue generated by the sports business to support ourselves.

“We are not backed by large businesses or stockholders”. This drives us to be creative, original, courageous, and ahead of the curve in many aspects of the sports sector.”

Barcelona eager to tap into international market

Barcelona announced record-breaking debts of over €1 billion shortly after Laporta’s return to Camp Nou. Additionally, have subsequently had to shed a number of first-team players in order to decrease their salary cost. Including all-time top scorer Lionel Messi.

The Blaugrana are currently looking at methods to monetize their global fan base in order to improve their financial situation, with Laporta commenting on their cryptocurrency effort, “It’s something we can share with our followers throughout the world — roughly 300 million of them.” I could say anything else, but I have to be cautious because the information is still private.

“The players are aware of what we’re working on and that this is a cutting-edge club that utilizes new media. Their contracts contain stipulations about the NFT reality and the metaverse.

“We aim to create new growth possibilities.” Our objective is to win championships and please our fans, but we also need to take advantage of business opportunities in the sports sector.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.