Applebee’s sells first NFT as part of new ‘Metaverse Mondays’ series

  • The colorful burger NFT sold for $25, and the buyer will also receive a year’s worth of burgers from Applebee’s.
  • The restaurant chain said this signals the start of its “Metaverse Monday” campaign.
  • Applebee’s joins the likes of White Castle, Taco Bell, and other big name brands that have entered the digital asset space.

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are now on the menu at Applebee’s. The casual-dining chain on Monday sold the first of a series of one-of-a-kind digital images for sale online as collector’s items.

Amber Vittoria, a New York artist, produced an abstract, technicolor burger that sold for $25. The buyer also received a $1,300 Applebee’s gift card, enough to buy a year’s supply of burgers.



In a statement, Chief Marketing Officer Joel Yashinsky stated. “As a pioneer in casual dining, we’re always searching for ways to interact with our guests. Moreover meet them in locations where they’re interacting.”

Applebee’s announced on Twitter that every Monday in December. In addition it will showcase a new NFT. Making it the latest well-known business to enter the realm of digital assets and blockchain technology.

Applebee’s will offer up a new NFT each Monday in December

As part of their “Metaverse Mondays” campaign, Applebee’s will release a new NFT every Monday in December. The metaverse is a three-dimensional digital universe that uses virtual and augmented reality as well as blockchain technology. NFTs are perceived as a part of that environment, and they provide a method for brands to enter it.

In a statement, Applebee’s CMO Joel Yashinsky stated, “We are all about ‘Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood’. Additionally our ability to connect the real world with the internet world through our fantastic taste Handcrafted Burgers was an innovative notion we wanted to seize”. “We had a great first #MetaverseMonday, and we’re excited to keep engaging our fans with real-world food and virtual-world NFTs that represent our excellent meals throughout the month!”

Applebee’s is one of a few restaurant companies to wade into the emerging business of NFTs.

The company is based in Glendale, California. Applebee’s is one of the few restaurant chains to enter the nascent NFT market. Domino’s and Taco Bell have created several, and chef Tom Colicchio has unveiled his own line of pizza-themed tokens, which will be available soon.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.