Artemis brings NASA VR experience

A new Oculus Quest and VR experience called “Artemis Ascending” will provide an immersive view of the launch pad when NASA’s historic Artemis 1 mission lifts off for the moon, no earlier than Aug. 29.

Users can take part in the Artemis Ascending livestream in a variety of ways, including at Horizon Worlds, in Facebook 360 on the Space Explorers page, and through partners that Felix & Paul Studios will announce later on its website. The experience will be made available through telecommunications companies, a network of domes, and planetariums all across the world, according to Felix & Paul.

On its first flight, NASA’s Space Launch System megarocket will launch the Orion spacecraft on its way to the moon, and the objective is to hear its roar

Users will be able to get even closer than any viewers at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida thanks to Felix & Paul Studios’ placement of cameras around the launch pad area in places that are too close for people to appreciate.

A top executive at Felix & Paul compared the situation to how the public perceived the Apollo missions, which between 1969 and 1972 sent 12 people to the moon. Live broadcasts from the moon’s surface and the transmission of video from the astronauts’ personal spacecraft were both groundbreaking advances in television broadcasting at the time.

The Artemis generation will experience the impending lunar missions and future Mars expeditions in an immersive and interactive way, according to Felix Lajeunesse, co-founder and creative director of Felix & Paul. “The Apollo flights were televised worldwide in black and white,” he added.

The “Space Explorers” series, “Jurassic World” productions, and comedy specials for “Just for Laughs” with A-listers Trevor Noah and Lilly Singh are just a few of the immersive studio Felix & Paul’s originals. Felix & Paul is situated in Montreal, Canada.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.