Banana Ballers is a creative NFT collection

The most hip and happening bananas in the metaverse are known as Banana Ballers. These laid-back dudes put in a lot of labor, but they make up for it by having a ton of fun on the expansive Meta Banana Beach. On the Ethereum blockchain are currently stored 5,007 one-of-a-kind hand-drawn 3D NFTS. There are ten extremely rare qualities, and six legendary banana ballers, each of which has the potential to win one of several really nice in-game and real-life baller blessings, such as a diamond Rolex, autographed jerseys, or Gucci suits.

The primary objective is to ensure that both the holders’ investments and the company’s mint are as successful as they possibly can be, so enabling them to realize all of their objectives

The company will also make an ongoing effort to release products of the highest possible quality and value. Once they have reached a point where they are pleased with the overall quality of the project as well as its technical aspects, they will reveal the drop release date.

After the mint is live, holders will be able to mint a maximum of ten banana ballers. They will be able to place bids and purchases on OpenSea once all of the tickets have been sold. When each Banana Baller has been produced, a blessing will be bestowed upon its bearer, and that blessing, along with the donation, will be transmitted to the holder.

Some Banana Baller features are more uncommon than others, yet they each have their own set of distinguishing characteristics. When OpenSea becomes accessible soon, holders will be able to view the characteristics of a Banana Baller through the “properties” tab; alternatively, they can consult a third-party tool such as Rarity Tools. The “Rarity Score” that is assigned to Banana BallersTM is determined by Rarity Tools after the collection of characteristics that make up these items is analyzed and weighed.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.