Artsies Collective is a beautiful NFT project

Two sisters, Juju and Natacha, who are respectively a visual artist and a life coach, co-founded and produced the arts, fashion, and events non-profit organization known as Artsies Collective.

“Our first collection of 5,555 Fine Art digital collectibles can now be found on the ETH blockchain.”

These collectibles were made using 301+ hand drawn traits and 55 original pictures created by the artist Juju. Artsies are people who are influenced by things such as liberation, pop art, fashion, fluidity, gaming, anime, and popular culture, all of which are merged into a whimsical, hybrid-utopian realm.

An Artsy membership grants the holder access to an online art hub, educational mentorships, and exclusive worldwide extraordinary art, fashion, and music events both in real life and on the web

‍ “Our goal is to provide mentorship in the areas of art, mental health, and the web, as well as opportunities for up-and-coming artists to display their work in an online gallery. This will allow us to empower creatives from the inside out. Priority consideration for exhibiting in our online gallery is given to holders. Collectors are given exclusive and early access to performances by these up-and-coming artists.”

The 5,555 NFTs are the product of an automatic computer generation based on more than 150 hand-drawn originals. In the year 2017, Juju launched the very first Artsy, and three years later, in 2021, they offered Artsy to the digital globe.

“You can boost your chances of being added to our Whitelist by taking part in our games, challenges, and artistic competitions that are hosted on Discord. Whitelist statuses are bestowed manually upon deserving individuals who are active participants in the ARTSIES COLLECTIVE community and who make significant contributions to the expansion of our initiative. In addition to that, those members of our community who demonstrate the most originality will be rewarded.”




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.