Catalonia is about to release its metaverse

According to Daniel Marco, the director general of Innovation and Digital Economy of Catalonia, the regional government of Catalonia has the goal of transforming the Spanish territory into a digital hub and launching its very own metaverse.

In 2014, Marco was in charge of directing the government effort known as “Smart Catalonia,” which oversaw the process of transforming Catalonia into a “smart country.” The official started working on the creation of a “totally digital economy inspired by the physical world” when blockchain technology and the metaverse became available.

Marco claims that the authorities intend to initiate something called a “Catalan metaverse.” He has elaborated as follows: “There will be ties established between the Cataverse and the language and culture of Catalonia. We want community groups that are active in the cultural sphere to be able to translate their work into something that can be used in the metaverse.”

The Cataverse, which is a Catalonian Metaverse, is currently being developed by the government, and it is anticipated that Cataverse will be founded on the Catalan language as well as the culture of Catalonia. This project’s ultimate objective is to make it possible for Catalan entities that make a contribution to the culture to do so within the Metaverse.

The Minister of Innovation for Catalonia also discussed the objectives of the Catalan government to transform Barcelona into the digital capital of the country with the most population in the world.

According to what he has said, Barcelona will likewise develop into a hub for the creation of digital technologies

In order to accomplish this objective, a significant amount of success will depend on the recruitment of skilled individuals. A variety of support programs for young people with exceptional abilities have been established by the government.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.