Day: June 29, 2022

NeoEden’s Realm is an emerging NFT project

NeoEden’s Realm is made up of a collection of 5005 one-of-a-kind pieces of digital art that are referred to as “Neo-Cardz.” These Neo-Cardz depict the noble inhabitants of the realm. Each one is generated from millions of different possible combinations,

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WimbleWorld is a new metaverse for tennis fans

Wimbledon’s sponsors and partners can now reach under-18s in the metaverse. As the tournament begins, so does WimbleWorld in Roblox. It allows spectators to play on a virtual Centre Court, a tribute to the famous stadium’s 100th year on Church

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Siemens boosts metaverse for the industry

Siemens, a leader in industrial automation and software, infrastructure, building technology, and transportation, and NVIDIA, a pioneer in accelerated graphics and AI, expanded their relationship to allow the industrial metaverse and promote use of AI-driven digital twin technologies. Siemens Xcelerator,

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Milkshake Friends is a fun NFT project to come

10,000 hand-drawn, collectible, and charming Milkshake Friends, each with over 160 unique characteristics, including rare NFTs like Gleaming Gold and Sparkling Diamond milkshakes. Milkshake Friends are a part of the Milkshake Friends game. Milkshake Friends was developed with this goal

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Metaverse festival to unveil in Korea

SK Telecom, the biggest mobile provider in Korea, has successfully staged the world’s first live virtual concert to make use of volumetric image capture technology. The Metaverse Music Festival has officially begun and will continue to take place in the

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Catalonia is about to release its metaverse

According to Daniel Marco, the director general of Innovation and Digital Economy of Catalonia, the regional government of Catalonia has the goal of transforming the Spanish territory into a digital hub and launching its very own metaverse. In 2014, Marco

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