Milkshake Friends is a fun NFT project to come

10,000 hand-drawn, collectible, and charming Milkshake Friends, each with over 160 unique characteristics, including rare NFTs like Gleaming Gold and Sparkling Diamond milkshakes. Milkshake Friends are a part of the Milkshake Friends game.

Milkshake Friends was developed with this goal in mind, as well as the aim of establishing a unique NFT community that can everyone contribute to the overall accomplishment of the project

“We made a vow that one day we would assist make a difference in the lives of those who suffer due to violence around the world, and particularly in the lives of children who endure a life of poverty and hunger,”

Milkshake Friends non-fungible token holders will have the ability to stake their Milkshake Friends non-fungible tokens in exchange for $SPRINKLES tokens, which are an essential currency in the P2E game. Each owner will be responsible for operating their very own Milkshake Friends Parlour, from which they will offer delicious milkshakes.

“Grow your parlour and upgrade it with new goods that can be purchased with $SPRINKLES; this will raise the level of the parlour and will bring in more customers, which will increase your earnings.”

NFT holders have the ability to make suggestions regarding ideas and projects that they would like the wallet to invest in. The community of NFT holders will then have the opportunity to vote on the suggestions, and the suggestion that receives the most votes will be implemented. Not only will it be possible for users to vote on investments, but holders will also be able to vote on payouts directly from their wallets.

There are approximately 160 distinct characteristics, each with an abundance of one-of-a-kind features. These features include uncommon backdrops and a selection of milkshake glass bases with names like Gold, Diamond, Rainbow, Robot, Zombie, and others. There are many different add-ons and flavors, as well as colorful sprinkles and scrumptious garnishes. A variety of distinct hand styles, facial expressions, and hand motions are included in this selection.

The percentage of a royalty that will be applied to sales made on secondary market locations has been decided upon as 10%. Forty percent of this will be placed in the community wallet, which will be used for the development of P2E games and the liquidity of tokenization. The overall fees associated with the secondary market will amount to 12.5 percent, with the corporation taking a royalty of 10 percent and OpenSea charging a transaction charge of 2.5 percent.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.