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Top 10 Day Trading Tips Where to Trade Recommended Brokers Tips For Beginners Picking A Market Essentials Timing Demo Accounts Tips On Trading Psychology Asset Specific Tips Gold Bitcoin Oil FTSE India Day Trading Tips Taxes Live Tips Evaluating Tips Final Tips Day trading has a whole list of tips in a variety of areas. […]

Technical Analysis: A Primer

When you study past market data to predict future changes in the market it is referred to as technical analysis. It falls under the category of security analysis alongside fundamental analysis. In this article, we are going to discuss how technical analysis is utilized in day trading. In This Article: Assumptions in Technical Analysis Market […]

Day Trading on Margin

Pattern Day Traders vs Non-Pattern Why “Pattern” vs. “Non-Pattern” Matters Having Realistic Expectations Final Thoughts Day trading on margin uses borrowed money to leverage trading results and could be very risky without the proper knowledge and experience. When you trade on margin, essentially you are using borrowed money with a good faith deposit to open […]

Best YouTube Day Trading Channels

One of the best educational resources for day traders looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the trading world is YouTube. Video instructional tools have proven to be extremely beneficial for any topic, and day traders is no exception. So, what are the best YouTube trading channels? That’s a complex answer, because everyone’s preference […]

Week Ahead: As Good as It Gets?

US Non-Farm Payrolls data released on Thursday showed an increase of +4.8 million jobs for the month of June vs an expectation of +3.0 million, a new record!  PMI data around the globe was revised higher from earlier in the month.  Central Banks and nations continue to stimulate the economy to reduce the effects of […]