Barbados to become first sovereign nation with an embassy in the metaverse

The island nation of Barbados is prepared to formally designate digital real estate sovereign territory by establishing a metaverse embassy. Which might be considered as a historic step toward the legitimization of the metaverse.

The Caribbean country is collaborating with a number of metaverse enterprises to create digital sovereign land.

On Sunday, the Barbadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade announced an agreement to construct a digital embassy with Decentraland. One of the largest and most popular crypto-powered digital worlds. The government is also completing arrangements with “Somnium Space, SuperWorld, and other Metaverse platforms,” according to a press release given to CoinDesk.



The numerous initiatives will aid in land acquisition, the design of virtual embassies and consulate. The development of infrastructure to provide services such as “e-visas,” and the construction of a “teleporter” that will allow users to transport their avatars across worlds.

Barbados’ ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, H.E. Gabriel Abed, said in an interview with CoinDesk that the government plans to grow rapidly beyond this initial endeavor to develop structures. And buy digital land in a variety of virtual worlds.

“We don’t want to pick a winner since the metaverse is still young and new. Additionally we want to make sure everything we construct is transportable across metaworlds,” he explained.

Digital connections

Abed is now seeking to create Barbados’ first actual embassy in the Middle East. In addition to driving the country’s metaverse diplomatic efforts. The Barbadian administration, whose Cabinet approved the metaverse embassy in August, sees the move as a once-in-a-lifetime diplomatic opportunity, he said.

“This is a method for Barbados to grow its diplomatic posts beyond the 18 it already has in 190+ countries.”. This allows us to use digital diplomacy to open the door. Which then leads to cultural diplomacy — the exchange of art, music, and culture.”

Barbados will become the first government in the world to recognize digital sovereign land when the embassy opens in January, according to plans. Many governmental entities evaluated the proposals over several months, according to Abed. Including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and others.

The government has also hired legal counsel because the embassy will create a number of precedents. According to experts, the embassy will comply with international law as well as the Vienna Convention.

Barbados is one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly countries in the world. And it has been a leader in the development of a central bank digital currency.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.