Benetton opens a virtual shop in the metaverse

The Italian company is taking part in Milan Fashion Week, kicking off Tuesday, to unveil its digital retail project, which will officially debut in the next few weeks.



Benetton is embracing an omnichannel strategy, tying the metaverse experience to in-store transactions.

On Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, the brand’s flagship will turn into a mixed-media experience. Moreover, previewing the store’s appearance and feel in the metaverse. Pink paint has been used to cover the shop, a tribute to the brand’s bright aesthetics. Moreover, the immersive experience the digital shop is meant to provide. For the next four weeks, the new store layout will be in place.

“We intended to turn the immersive experience on its head by replicating the same emotional environment in physical retail that the virtual shop in the metaverse would have”. Stated Massimo Renon, CEO of Benetton Group. Moreover, “anyone visiting our Milan shop in the next weeks will immerse in a blend of physical reality and digital connectivity. Set against a backdrop of creativity, colors, and noises,” he continued.

Benetton Group’s chief digital officer, Antonio Patrissi, praised the company’s omnichannel strategy to metaverse expansion. Customers who purchase digitally will be provided gaming chances. Moreover, each of which will come with a shop credit incentive in the form of a QR code that they can use to make physical purchases in Benetton’s retail network.

Benetton goal is to create a bridge between present and future

“Through an immersive brand experience that is closer to the language of younger generations. In addition, we hope to build a bridge between present and future, real and virtual,” Patrissi explained.

Moreover, Benetton has enlisted the help of five Italian celebrities and TikTokers for a special campaign called Play Change. In which the stars will tell their personal tales of transformation and reinvention.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.