Billionaire Zombies Club launches metaverse experiences

The Billionaire Zombies Club (BZC), a fast-growing decentralized NFT art community, has released its development roadmap via its official White Paper. In addition, BZC has launched a proprietary online portal that will be a hub for the club’s activity going forward.

Members of the Billionaire Zombies Club will be able to use this gateway to register their official collections. Trade assets in the official Billionaire Zombies Club marketplace. Moreover mint new assets for the forthcoming Metaverse and gaming experiences.

To honor the formal minting of the first Skeleton Kings, BZC placed advertising in Times Square and near Space X’s campus in Los Angeles.

Billionaire Zombies Club


The Billionaire Zombies Club is currently enabling community members to mint “Skeleton Kings”

The BZC is currently allowing community members who own “Skeleton Key Cards” to mint “Skeleton Kings” using BZC Tokens on their exclusive marketplace.

Holders of Skeleton Kings will be able to vote in the Billionaire Zombies’ growing governance environment. Which will eventually control the community’s running and growth decisions through “The King’s Council”. A decentralized autonomous organizational governance framework.

With the introduction of their innovative plan via their new white paper, the Billionaire Zombies Team wowed their community.

The community’s current development roadmap, milestones, summary of their Metaverse ecosystem. Tokenomics structure, team overview, DAO Governance model, and more are all outlined in their white paper.

The Billionaire Zombies Club also released a preview of their upcoming immersive metaverse experience via an in metaverse castle.

The BZC collection was an instant hit, selling $500,000 in collectible digital art in its first minting. Additionally selling out of its 10,000 unique pieces in just 12 days. The art collection is now valued at more than $20 million dollars.

The BZC Collection began selling for less than $50 and has steadily risen to over $600 as of this writing. The largest sale to yet was around $14,000 at the time, or 2.5 ETH. Representing a 28,000 percent return on the initial investment. Surprisingly, just about 1,700 of the 10,000 pieces of art are for sale. With a low-end transaction returning 1,380 percent for investors in just a few weeks.

These one-of-a-kind pieces of non-fungible token art, like the best NFT initiatives, are more of a passport to a new digital reality than merely something to gaze at or exhibit on a digital art display. This community’s members are investing in experiences, a community, and a technology future that they want to be a part of.

The Billionaire Zombies Club movement has garnered celebrity attention across Instagram and Twitter

Influencers such as The Game (12,000,000+ Followers), Amber Rose (25,000,000+ Followers), Brittany Renner (5,000,000+ Followers), Mario Chalmers (1,400,000+ Followers), Brandon Thomas (2,000,000+ Followers), and Bow Wow (7,700,000+ Followers) have all endorsed the Billionaire Zombies Club movement on Instagram and Twitter.

Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Tech Times, and other international newspapers have covered the Billionaire Zombies Club.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.