Bored Stackers lightens up the NFT markets

Bored Stackers (B$) is a collection of 5000 NFT that provides its holders with unique prizes and privileges. These were generated by accident as a result of a faulty blockchain transaction, and they have since been endowed with enormous utility.

Each B$ holder can stake their NFT on the company’s website and receive daily rewards in ETH and $BS just for holding

“With B$, it’s the diamond hands who are finally rewarded. By staking your NFT, you gain access to a specific ecosystem for our holders, enabling for project growth and gathering valuation over time.” The Bored Stackers are made up of hundreds of high-quality 3D elements created by the company’s artist to provide holders with the ideal travel companion. They’re kept on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token and hosted on IPFS.

To take advantage of Bored Stackers’ perks and utilities, holders must first own one or more NFT from the collection. The greatest choice is to be one of the first to mint, so they can get their B$ at the best price and maximize their profits.

Holders will have access to their staking platform through the company’s website once they have their B$ in their wallet, just by connecting with their wallet. Moreover, holders will be able to see their Bored Stackers and choose which ones they want to stake from that point forward. Staking an NFT is similar to keeping it in a vault; it is not sellable while staked, but it does earn holders daily interest created by this activity.

“With a single click, you can stake and unstake your B$ at any time. The NFT staking system was created to improve the collection’s floor price and worth over time.”

When a B$ is staked, it becomes locked and cannot be purchased or exchanged on the secondary market until it is unstaked. This means that as more holders stake their B$, there will be less supply in circulation on the secondary market, resulting in increased scarcity, increased value, and a gradually increasing floor price. Because this action, in addition to delivering them benefits, contributes to the value of the collection, this mechanism allows the corporation to reward their holders 100%.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.