Day: June 14, 2022

Bored Stackers lightens up the NFT markets

Bored Stackers (B$) is a collection of 5000 NFT that provides its holders with unique prizes and privileges. These were generated by accident as a result of a faulty blockchain transaction, and they have since been endowed with enormous utility.

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DNAverse collaborates for metaverse healthcare

DNAverse, the world’s first science art NFTs collection personalized with real DNA data, has partnered with blockchain-enabled healthcare provider Aimedis to bring scientific integrity and authenticity to the rapidly increasing metaverse concept. Aimedis will work with DNAverse parent firm 3DforScience

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Lacoste NFT project offers users experiences

UNDW3, a new online experience from Lacoste, is now available. The project follows the company’s initial foray into the digital realm, which was a Minecraft-hosted Lacoste-inspired digital island. Only those that obtain a Lacoste NFT during upcoming drops will be

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Mighty Hercules is an incoming NFT project

The Mighty Hercules is a non-fungible token collection that can be found on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC-721 standard. It features 10,000 unique masterpieces and 50 legendary works. Collection that was developed in its entirety from more than

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