Lacoste NFT project offers users experiences

UNDW3, a new online experience from Lacoste, is now available. The project follows the company’s initial foray into the digital realm, which was a Minecraft-hosted Lacoste-inspired digital island.

Only those that obtain a Lacoste NFT during upcoming drops will be able to play UNDW3

The NFTs, which show the brand’s iconic crocodile emerging from water, will cost 0.08 ETH (about $100) each and are limited to 11,212 pieces in celebration of René Lacoste’s L1212 polo shirt.

In a press announcement, Lacoste described the Web3 universe as “a long-term collaborative community” for those who own one of the brand’s NFTs. Users will be able to communicate with other users while shopping co-made products created just for UNDW3. According to Lacoste, more “digital, physical, and sensory rewards” will soon be available online. UNDW3 currently serves as a meeting ground for NFT and Lacoste collectors.

Lacoste’s chief brand officer, Catherine Spindler, said in a statement that “UNDW3 attests to our intention to accompany the phenomena of decentralization led by Web3.” “This initiative pays witness to both our objectives and the force of our brand in this area: to bring our communities together and unite cultures around the crocodile… by proposing an experienced, interactive, and co-creative universe in the image of Lacoste’s innovation and avant-gardism.”

There’s more to come from UNDW3 in the “coming several seasons,” according to the brand, but first and foremost, consumers should get their tickets: On June 14, Lacoste will release their first batch of NFTs on a webpage dedicated to UNDW3. People can enter a raffle for a chance to win one of the crocodile NFTs there, with the winners being notified on June 15 at 10:12 ET.

If you miss out on the first round, there will be more NFT releases later this year, however Lacoste has yet to confirm the next release date. It may take a long time (crocodile) to get a second chance, depending on the demand for the first drop.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.