CBH is an NFT project to look at

As a membership token for the community, Sunken Tribes is a limited edition of NFT tokens that have been produced on the ETH blockchain. A membership wallet, through which dividends would be distributed to members, and gamification of the Metaverse are both included in the roadmap. In the first stage of the minting process, the Cichlid Bounty Hunters and their optional weaponry will be made public and made available in the Metaverse.

Following the completion of the NFT collection minting for the Cichlid Bounty Hunters, the next Sunken Tribes release will be its Criminals. A group consisting of the most savage assassins and contract murderers from all over the ocean. The third set to be made available to the public will be a limited edition of the Sunken Tribes Lords and Leaders called the Dark Ocean Warlords.

“Our objective is to build Sunken Tribes into a household name recognized all over the world. We will continue to develop the characters, the tribes, the cities, and the waters in order to bring you more opportunities for exploration, adventure, and combat across the oceans.”

Sunken Tribes has determined that investing 35 percent of its sales back into development will be beneficial to the overall growth of the business. Among these things will be the production of brand-new characters, experiences, products, games, and events

Every holder receives full commercial ownership of their respective NFTs. In the event that purchasers of Sunken Tribes NFTs choose to hold off on the implementation of gamification on the Metaverse, each NFT will provide the purchaser with VIP access in addition to weaponry and ammunition.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.