Xone unveils a new cloud metaverse

The latest release from mobile augmented reality social network Xone is called Cloud Xone. This is the second of a total of four drops for Cloud Xone, which gives owners access to the Xone Application, enabling them to explore and personalize their Xones as well as display their NFT collections in unique photo frames. In the not too distant future, owners of Xone will be able to generate $Xone tokens by leasing, staking, and launching shops in order to generate profits from their Xone.

Users can create and share 3D worlds on the mobile AR social network Xone. The goal of Xone is to replace TikTok on Web3 by emphasizing user-friendly interfaces, discovery, and music in order to attract the next 100 million people to Web3

2,500 XONES, each procedurally distinct and produced utilizing a variety of 3D softwares, are now available with this most recent drop. The four domains that make up the Xones are the Jungle, Cloud, Underwater, and Desert.

At its launch this year, Jungle reportedly sold out almost instantly. In upcoming drops, Underwater and Desert will be made available. These realms are part of a mobile AR metaverse that may be explored and is currently in prototype for iOS and Android.

James Shannon, co-founder and CEO of “Two years ago, when I started this initiative, I wanted to make places where fandoms and cultural identities could be freely represented. There should be more than simply a shelf in your room or a location in the basement for who you are and what you like.”

For record companies including Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Records, the Xone team has created augmented reality experiences.

The business stated that the objective of the development of the island, which is an explorable augmented reality that will link multiple NFT and metaverse projects, hold virtual concerts, exhibitions, and gamified events, is to provide the highest possible value to the community that it serves. In this metaverse, each individual parcel of land is referred to as a “Xone.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.