Color Star to release a metaverse, entertainment platform

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. an entertainment technology company with a global network that focuses on the application of technology and artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry, announced today that the global open beta version of its entertainment metaverse platform “Color World”.

Color Star created “Color World”, an entertainment metaverse platform

 A worldwide and open beta version of Color Star’s entertainment metaverse platform is called “Color World”.  Virtual character functions, intelligent interaction, automatic NFT scene generation, and second life development will all be included in this edition.

Color Star


A user of Color World will be able to register an identity and create an avatar that will be able to live a new life. Users can meet friends, play sports, buy real estate, buy land, create businesses. Moreover develop their own properties for sale in Color World.

Users can also host their own concerts, dance events. In addition even show off their own movies, TV shows, and short films to Color World’s global audience.

Color Star have been making breakthroughs in the technological updates of the entertainment metaverse

“We have been making advancements in the technological improvements of the entertainment metaverse,” said Color Star CEO Sir Lucas Capetian. We believe that the metaverse is a brand-new world in the making. Where everyone can not only enjoy a better life but also showcase their talents; in Color World, our unrealized ambitions can come true.

In Color World, you can be a music superstar, a business magnate, or even the ruler of your own realm. We think that more talents and personal charisma can be realized in our Color World because it is open and welcoming. The current version on the internet is the first version. As the team and participants progress, I believe our Color World will be polished.”

The new update of Color World indicates the company’s dedication to building a metaverse platform

Color World’s new version and upgrade demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating a metaverse platform. All users of the original Color World application will receive an automatic update to the new Color World metaverse, as well as new registrations. The revamped version is also expected to attract more users.

This online version will be an open beta, and Color Star believes that users from all around the world will be able to contribute vital feedback in order to improve our metaverse.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.