Community Unites in Call for Ban on Overplus to Preserve Game Integrity

Community Unites in Call for Ban on Overplus to Preserve Game Integrity

Dota 2’s community, including pros and creators, demands that Valve ban Overplus, a tool that gives unfair advantages by revealing opponents’ hero pools and strategies. Alliance CEO Loda labels it a “serious problem” disrupting fair play in ranked and amateur events.

Several Dota 2 players and developers are standing up for the community and urging Valve to ban Overplus, a third-party tool that has been causing chaos in both amateur and ranked Dota competitions.

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Former pro and Alliance CEO Jonathan “Loda” Berg is the most recent commentator on the Overplus app. According to him, the usage of the software is a “serious problem” and requests that Valve intervene and forbid its use on Jan. 29.

Loda criticizes the app

Loda specifically criticized the app for using and displaying match data. This is because the app allows users to see a player’s favorite pool of heroes and ban that player while a match is in progress. Loda explained that your best winrate heroes are curiously targeted by far too many ‘random’ bans, even though they are not meta.

Additionally, Gorgc, a Dota streamer, agreed with Loda, saying that either everyone should have access to the data or nobody should. Gorgc said that it’s incredibly unfair when it comes to the immortal draft. You can view all of their past games, who is an account buyer, and who is a smurf—very important information.

The worst thing is that even if you have your account set to private and aren’t sharing data using the Dota 2 menu “Expose Public Match Data” option, player information is still accessible.

Capabilities of Dota

Overplus (formerly known as Overwolf), a third-party Dota tool, has many capabilities. One of the capabilities is the ability to change the interface and appearance of the game so that players can equip skins they don’t own. However, the community was upset with the “pick stage analyzer” developed by Overplus. With this, Overplus users have a competitive edge in the pre-game phase by scraping player information and offering a significant advantage during the draft process.

The application also allows users to check a player’s most-used item and skill build for their hero picks. This helps them prepare and counter an opponent before the game even starts. The software has been related to cheating, and one can’t agree less.

Those using this technology have been getting an unfair advantage as they outrank their rivals, who have been grinding for months.

Similar third-party apps have emerged in rival games like League of Legends. These apps have a range of features, from pre-game draft information to giving a player vital information during a battle, such as opponent gold and item purchases. They are all regarded as cheating because they surpass the abilities of a typical player.

However, Valve has not said anything about the duration of the application’s intrusive data gathering. It is obvious that Dota players have had enough and are pleading with developers to think about banning gamers and the app moving ahead.

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