CryptoCity metaverse going to launch 3rd project CryptoGuards

CryptoCity Metaverse is where CryptoCars & CryptoPlanes was born. The CryptoCity Metaverse is a world that exists in parallel to our own. In addition it symbolizes the next step in the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution. Moreover many virtual projects are gaining traction these days, and the CryptoCity Metaverse connects them to people.

This is why Metaverse is excited to announce the start of their third project, which will bring the CryptoCity Metaverse universe to a close. With a true PLAY-TO-EARN approach and thrilling gaming, these have made a new impression on investors.

Both CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes are based on the concept of connecting individuals by building a community. You can strengthen the community by engaging in discussions with other players regarding the game and the latest crypto news.



CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes are two independent, community-driven projects

CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes are two separate, community-driven initiatives that have evolved only by self-improvement, without the use of fomo or false hype. All of our investors may expect consistent, healthy, and long-term growth from us. Moreover it’s no surprise that both projects are in the top 20 most popular Metaverse projects on CoinMarkepCap.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) had to make a sequence of superhero films, from Iron Man to Avenger 3, which took almost ten years to complete. In Cinematic, they made a major splash.

In contrast to CryptoCity Metaverse, we built GameFi first, as well as the parts that go with it. Just stay tuned as we release each portion, provide the products, and allow people to engage and live together.

CryptoCity Metaverse is a parallel world to the real one, which connects people and projects together.

Players in the CryptoCity Ecosystem can own priceless supercars, modern fighter jets, workshops, and combat weaponry in order to participate in the immersive games. CryptoCity will have a lot of features, modes, and developments in the future, in addition to CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes.

CryptoGuards will be the third initiative launched by CryptoCity Metaverse.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.