CryptoHans is an innovative NFT project

CryptoHans collection is hand-made NFT collection by the artist Maya Delia. This is one of the reasons why the collection is so expensive and why it contains a large number of extremely rare tokens. Twenty percent of the revenue that is generated from sales will be set aside each month and dispersed among the owners; the more Hans holders each individual has, the more profit they will gain from their holdings.

The collection will start with the first 100 NFT and grow by one Hans per week until it has 7777 Hans

NFT with Hans will be minted at Open Sea once every seven days for a total of one hundred pieces. The fee starts at 0.005 ETH and goes up from there. In the same vein, the cost of each next hundred will go up by one more unit with each successive purchase.

Immediately following the beginning of sales between members of the community, there will be a raffle for three Hans. In addition, holders are required to be active participants in the Discord community and to follow relevant accounts on Twitter, as this is where any and all information regarding events and parties will be shared.

In return for their confidence, holders are granted access to even more highly sought-after tokens. Those who are in possession of Hans’s will be granted access to the subsequent collection among the very first customers. In addition, there will be raffles of boxes containing the company’s one-of-a-kind tokens, which will be open to participants of any level of interest and may contain Hans of any rarity.

Only people who already own Hans will be eligible to participate in the lotteries. After deciding who the winners are, the company will conduct additional checks to ensure that the owners are in compliance with the terms of the project, their wallets, and their involvement in the endeavor. Each prize will be delivered to its winner wherever they may be in the world, with the exception of the grand prize, which is a Porsche Taycan, which will be delivered in person by the sponsoring organization.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.