Leo AR unveils its NFT project

Leo AR Metaverse, one of the most popular consumer-facing augmented reality apps, has announced the addition of its first NFT collection, The Mighty Lions Club, to its platform. Owners of the collection will be able to utilize the NFT within Leo AR for the first time, with the ability to set the NFT in their hand, on a table, on a wall, or anyplace else in their environment. Owners can also engage with their NFT purchase, film it, and share it with friends and family. The collection will be available on OpenSea or Rarible in the near future. Buyers of The Mighty Lions Club Collection will receive a free subscription to Leo AR as a bonus.

A smart contract on the Polygon blockchain is used to track the ownership of a Leo AR NFT. On the Polygon network, each item in the collection is represented as a non-fungible token using the ERC721 standard.

Dana Loberg, founder and CEO of Leo AR, adds, “We’re really thrilled to expand our platform towards generating unique NFTs for our community.” “In our Leo AR Metaverse, NFT collectibles are a terrific method to distinguish material and scenarios made by users. We want to help democratize blockchain technology by providing more people with access to it through a pleasant and exciting app like Leo AR.”

The technique is based on the fact that there are a limited amount of NFTs in circulation, as well as their finite collections

The maximal number of collections that can be produced per category type is capped at about 4 billion (for example, >4B astronauts). Each NFT collection has a particular visual look (“phenotype”) that is determined by the smart contract’s immutable genes (“genotype”). Because NFT collections are blockchain tokens, they may be purchased, traded, or transferred digitally with strong ownership guarantees. Pattern, mouth shape, skin or fur, eye shape, base color, accent color, highlight color, eye color, environment, accessory, clothes, ears, hair, hat, nose, and scalp are among the 15 attributes for each collection.

As the Metaverse expands, more unique 3D digital assets will be required, and NFTs are a terrific method to produce more eccentric digital items that will eventually become distinctive AR 3D settings. Furthermore, these NFTs have the potential to become a new investment vehicle for families and younger generations searching for new ways to invest.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.