DatChat steps into a metaverse joint venture

DatChat, a blockchain-enabled cybersecurity, metaverse advertising platform, and social media company, made the announcement that its wholly-owned subsidiary, SmarterVerse, Inc., has entered into a joint venture with MetaBizz to develop an all-new metaverse called “The Habytat.”

SmarterVerse will be developing the Habytat in conjunction with MetaBizz

The Habytat will be a mobile-based social networking metaverse that will utilize DatChat’s Dynamic Content NFTs, patented blockchain digital rights management, and micro blockchain technology to create a new social networking and commercial metaverse. This will be accomplished through the use of The Habytat. The Habytat will open up the possibility of land ownership in the metaverse to a much wider demographic of people by making it more accessible.

According to the CEO of DatChat, Darin Myman, “We believe that the metaverse should be a shared virtual space that is interactive, immersive, and hyper-realistic, and while it initially presents those characteristics, we are quickly noticing users only participate if they own property. We believe that the metaverse should be a shared virtual space that is interactive, immersive, and hyper-realistic,” Myman said. “We believe that the general adoption of the metaverse has been hampered as a result of a land grab that is currently taking place for metaverse property. My prediction is that The Habytat will play a leading role in the development of a solution that will pave the way for additional expansion prospects and make it possible for a greater number of individuals to have a stake in the metaverse.”

Gianfranco Lopane, who is presently the Head of Business Development at DatChat, will serve as the leader of the joint venture when it is established. In accordance with the stipulations of the joint venture, DatChat will initially possess sixty percent of the joint venture, while MetaBizz will have ownership of forty percent of the business. In addition, MetaBizz, which has offices in both North and South America, will contribute more than twenty of its own engineers and designers.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.