Day: July 26, 2022

PFC is an emerging nifty NFT project

The Pig Fitness Club is a collection of 10,000 different 3D NFT pigs that are all unique to each other and live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Pig serves as a locker room key and provides its owner with exclusive

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DatChat steps into a metaverse joint venture

DatChat, a blockchain-enabled cybersecurity, metaverse advertising platform, and social media company, made the announcement that its wholly-owned subsidiary, SmarterVerse, Inc., has entered into a joint venture with MetaBizz to develop an all-new metaverse called “The Habytat.” SmarterVerse will be developing

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Wharton unveils first metaverse certification

Wharton will be the first Ivy League business school to offer a metaverse certification this autumn. “Business in the Metaverse Economy” is a six-week Wharton curriculum developed in conjunction with Prysm Group. The online, asynchronous course costs $4,500. Registration opens

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DWA is an attractive NFT project

The DWA is affiliated with a criminal syndicate. There is a ceasefire in place, but a gang war is still in full swing. The Golden Goose Mafia is in charge of the organization, and the DWA come in second, then

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Nugen Universe combines Web 3.0 aspects

Nugen Universe is a dedicated blockchain-based initiative that has been painstakingly conceived with the primary objective of providing users with complete financial freedom through the provision of a diverse assortment of custodial and non-custodial services. This goal has been at

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CBI pushes banking operations in the metaverse

Commercial Bank International (CBI), it has become the first bank in the United Arab Emirates to open a virtual branch in the Metaverse. The first bank to open a virtual Metaverse site in the well-known blockchain-based world of Decentraland is

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