DEIP unveils metaverse city for creators

Web3 creator economy protocol Last week, DEIP announced the opening of its DEIP Metaverse City, a joint endeavor between inventors, 3D artists, and meta-architects.

The new virtual city is housed on the Arhead Metaverse and will give Web3 solutions via the decentralized virtual space in addition to enhanced digital ownership and monetisation potential.

According to DEIP, a team comprised of the ARHEAD Metaverse ecosystem, the BALAGAN creative agency, and the ATRIUM architecture firm has designed the city in the company’s image, replete with brand colors, textures, lighting, and other characteristics.

The company added that the immersive setting also contains a three-story exhibition area, a major roadway, a maze of street intersections, and a square with an amphitheater.

The ATRIUM architectural company stated in a statement that the average spatial experience of wandering about Rome all day is compressed into a 15-minute stroll

“We want to create vibrant, aesthetically diversified surroundings where the city surprises the observer, and we’ve included these characteristics into our project. Obviously, we had a great deal more freedom compared to operating in the physical domain. Overall, we’ve succeeded in bringing together various types of urban settings that visitors may encounter in some places.

In collaboration with the eCommerce gallery Weng Contemporary, DEIP Metaverse City showcased its “Balloon Dog” phygital porcelain sculpture that was converted utilizing photogrammetry technologies.

Alex Shkor, CEO and Co-Founder of DEIP, stated that his company was “constructing the foundational infrastructure for a smooth transition to Web3.”

He described the significance of his company providing locations for creators to meet, interact, and learn about technical advancements in order to “progress towards a decentralized creative economy.”

He proceeded by noting, “DEIP Metaverse city is an excellent example of a project that has become a gathering place for creative minds of skill. Already on the first day, representatives from Metapurse, Centre Pompidou, Fondazione Giuseppe Bromolini, and Mubert visited the city.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.