DOGAMI partners with The Sandbox

DOGMAI, an NFT play-to-earn game on Tezos, is bringing dog-based avatars to the Ethereum metaverse following the partnership with the Sandbox. This is a first for The Sandbox, which previously only had four-legged avatars as NPCs (non-playable characters), ushering in a new age for pet avatar owners in The Sandbox.

DOGAMI NFT collection is helping non-fungible assets take off on Tezos

Non-fungible assets are taking off on Tezos thanks to the DOGAMI NFT collection. With almost 786,000 Tezos exchanged, the NFT collection has the highest volume. The Dogami Generation Alpha NFTs, which are limited to 8,000 tokens and have a floor price of about 280 tez and a total volume of over 700,000 tez, were just disclosed by the project.

DOGAMI and The Sandbox’s first cooperation indicates that interest in pet avatar projects is growing. DOGAMI bought a 3×3 Estate S-LAND to turn it into a Community Hub and the Sandbox’s first pet-friendly experience.

We intend to broaden the creative universe with our no-code Game Maker creation tool, encouraging new forms of adventures and encounters with their virtual partner, said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox.

DOGAMI NFT holders would be able to move about with their Dogami Voxel avatars

Before the end of the year, DOGAMI NFT holders will be able to walk around with their Dogami Voxel avatars, skate in the DOGAMI House skatepark, and attend social events with other Dogamers. The skatepark will also sell voxel goods through the DOGA House online skate shop.

The Petaverse is a web3 community devoted to all things including pets. The next generation of the internet, or Web3, is usually referred to as virtual and augmented reality-enabled metaverses.

In the metaverse, pets may be acquired and adopted in a variety of ways, each with its own set of benefits. You may either buy a dog and stroll it about Decentraland, or you can buy a fish and keep it in a bowl on your dresser.

Purchase an NFT photo on OpenSee to obtain a pet in a virtual world

To get a pet in a virtual world like the metaverse, buy an NFT picture on OpenSee. For the time being, a pet can only exist digitally in the metaverse. By combining the digital and real worlds, some businesses have discovered a solution.

A 3D representation of your pet might be scanned and tokenized before being transferred to the metaverse via a protocol like this. The first successful application of NFTs, CryptoKitties, began the trend of Pets-based NFTs.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.