Dystians is a creative Web3 startup

Dystians is a minor component of a web3 startup focused on entertainment. Dystians will have the chance to reach a large audience and amass a devoted following by joining a web3 startup. Dystians will also be able to benefit from the most recent tools and platforms because web3 startups are frequently at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. These elements combine to make web3 startups an interesting and attractive environment for content creation.

Community is given top priority by the organization since they understand how important it is to a successful collection. Dystians wouldn’t exist if there was no community. This is why the business is so dedicated to fostering ties within the community and consistently putting the needs of the latter first.

Quality is everything. The business goes to considerable lengths to make sure that each piece of art satisfies their high standards. The organization strives for perfection in every aspect, whether it is in the artwork for their collection or their marketing materials.

“We firmly think that the caliber of our work reflects who we are as a group, and we are pleased to support everything we produce.”

Innovation is valued by the organization in all facets of their collection. both in terms of the artwork they create and the technology they use to build their platform

A portion of the mint funds will be kept in the Capital Fund, which is portrayed in the story by the capital bank. Owners will be able to use the platform to submit claims for royalties based on detailed, narrative criteria. The holders royalty payments for each section of the company story will be based on the rarities and likelihoods of certain characters appearing in the story. The company will be able to construct a more equitable and open approach for distributing royalties to holders by supporting the development of this platform.

“Holders will be able to make royalty claims using our exclusive platform based on detailed, story-based criteria. The story-based criteria may take many forms, but they may also include things like where your character appears in the creative content and other yet-to-be-announced factors.”




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.