Ultisim collaborates to build new metaverse

Croquet, the company that created the first open Metaverse operating system for independent, cross-platform virtual world creation, has partnered with Ultisim, a business that integrates hardware and software to create fully immersive 3D simulation and Digital Twin experiences to solve real-world problems.

Through the Metaverse, the cooperation will achieve outcomes in the real world by utilizing the key competencies of both businesses. By fusing content and platform to fulfill 21st-century expectations, Croquet’s cutting-edge operating system and platform and Ultisim’s 20-year history of developing Digital Twins and 3D simulation learning constitute a significant advancement.

With its shared virtual machine running in any device’s browser, Croquet’s Metaverse OS offers cross-platform virtual world development to more than 17 million JavaScript developers. Additionally, it released the alpha of its cross-platform virtual world programming environment, Microverse IDE. These products enable web developers to create multi-user Web and Web3 virtual worlds in the Metaverse that can be published anywhere.

Metaverse OS’s creation and upkeep are only half of the challenge. The other half is represented by the capacity of knowledgeable partners with expertise in simulation, gamification, and narrative, which led to this collaboration with Ultisim

Ultisim was formed by executives with experience in cutting-edge game technology, simulation, and artificial intelligence from Lockheed Martin and the computer gaming business. It aims to help enterprises transition from static, two-dimensional data to interactive, three-dimensional, real-time data visualization, analytics, digital twins, and simulation learning.

“Since the internet’s beginning, we’ve worked toward the Metaverse. We co-wrote a VRML book in 1995.” Richard Boyd, founder of Ultisim, stated achieving goals energizes him. The author claims that combining Croquet with Digital Twin will enable real-world commercial and societal problem resolution in the Metaverse.

“This will provide the foundation for what the internet will develop into over the next 100 years. In order to use our strong, democratic platform to create and deliver the experiences and outcomes the world requires, partnerships with businesses like Ultisim are best suited,” according to David Smith, founder and CTO of Croquet.

Boyd claims that the education and healthcare sectors have benefited from some of the earliest and most fruitful problem-solving using Digital Twins in the Metaverse. “Croquet is bringing up tremendous chances we never dreamed of at the turn of the century, and now it’s full steam ahead.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.